“ Das soziale Netzwerk für bürgerschaftliches Engagement ”


Are my responses anonymous?
Yes, WEPOLITICS fully guarantees the anonymity of your answers!

Who sees my personal demographics?
Your personal information is stored securely and is not visible to other users. It is used exclusively for statistical analysis of the results.

Can I vote more than once in a poll?
No, only once. This way, we ensure validity of the polls.

Is registration free?
Registration and participation in WEPOLITICS is and will always be free!

Can I comment on a question without voting?
No. Only after you vote can you read and post your own comments!

How can I see the results in detail?
By clicking on „Statistics“, you can see an extensive analysis by gender, age and location of people surveyed!

How do I earn points?
You earn points every time you interact through the website. As your points accumulate, you become more influential for the community!

How many points can I gather?
Many! As you collect points you climb on new user levels. Starting from a simple “citizen”, you can gradually become a „mayor“, and even „prime-minister“!

How do you manage insulting and abusive comments?
Our users themselves report abusive content by using the „Report“ button, found in any poll or comment. On a second level, our content management team is also responsible to monitor such content.

How can I filter the question feed?
You can filter the list either by category or through options at the top of the page (Newest, Trending, etc.)

What is “trending” polls?
It is the list of the most popular questions, based on number of responses, during the last two weeks.

How do I follow/unfollow any user?
There is a follow button at the profile page of each user!

How do I post my own poll?
At the top of the page you can find the “Add Poll” button, which will send you to the input form. First you have to select question type (e.g. multiple choice), category (e.g. Technology) and geographic reference (e.g. if it concerns a particular location). Write your question and possible answers, along with relevant links (e.g. from an article you liked) and #tags!

How do I create my own questionnaire about a topic?
To create a questionnaire, all you need to do is add questions with a unique tag. You can then send the following link to those who want to respond to your questions: www.wepolitics.gr/tagged/tag_name (e.g. www.wepolitics.gr/tagged/elections)

Can I post my poll to other social networks?
Sure, and this helps us grow the WEPOLITICS community! You can find this option immediately after posting your poll!

How can I contact the WEPOLITICS team?
Send us your message via the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly!

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