“ Das soziale Netzwerk für bürgerschaftliches Engagement ”

Über uns

WEPOLITICS is the social network for Citizens. Our platform connects citizen opinions to decision-makers, creating measurable insights for political action and an impact on how Democracy actually works.

Our online tool allows users to ask questions, express their views and receive real-time statistics for the issues that matter most. Responses are formatted in charts, creating a continuous and dynamic survey of society – while keeping personal data private.

Wepolitics is designed to revolutionize political expression.
In modern society our digital presence is increasingly important. In this context, we believe that expression and citizen participation must be redefined in an innovative way.

Expression is universal. Politics is local.
We embrace the power of internet and its ability to reach anyone, anywhere. Still, we comprehend that political expression is an issue that requires local understanding. This is why we designed WEPOLITICS as a nation-wide social network, focusing both on major national issues but also on simple, local decisions that can make our neighborhood better.

Talking is good. Measuring is great.
The tough part in the most interesting political debates is the ability to draw clear conclusions and to understand the average viewpoint. WEPOLITICS allows users to express themselves and receive real-time statistics of public opinion for all important matters!

Our vision is to create the political social network that truly connects citizens with decision makers.

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